It’s amazing how miniature our faith is at times — and it’s amazing what God will do for us if we will just believe and trust!

I started driving from Anderson, Indiana, to Lafayette to speak at Purdue University at about 10 A.M. on a foggy, rainy day. As I drove along, it was almost impossible to see the road or the cars in front, and the only thing that made it possible to see the oncoming cars was their headlights. The fog kept getting worse and worse until I was just crawling along at about 15 miles an hour WOULD GOD DO IT FOR ME?. The windshield wipers were going full speed but they still failed to keep the water off the windshield.

After I had gone over three sections of the highway which were covered with water, I began to panic and decided I had better find a gas station and call my husband who was auditing in Anderson to see if he felt I should come back. Then I said to myself, “That’s silly, Charles isn’t the one to ask, God is,” so I said, “Lord, shall I turn around and go back?” Then I believe the devil got in WOULD GOD DO IT FOR ME? the car with me and said, “Look, there won’t be anyone coming out in Lafayette to hear you in such bad weather. Why don’t you go back?”

However, I sure couldn’t hear God speaking to me, so I continued. After another three or four miles, I really began to panic because it was almost impossible to drive. I desperately looked around for a little patch of blue in the sky when I stopped to fill up with gasoline, and couldn’t see one tiny little spot that looked promising. I got back into the car WOULD GOD DO IT FOR ME? and started on and began thinking to myself (or should I say to God?).

My conversation went something like this:

“God, you couldn’t stop the rain and turn the sky blue, could you?” I looked around again for a little sign of blue sky, but none! Then I continued “thinking to God,” and I said “Now, Lord, I KNOW you could, because the Bible says you parted the Red Sea, and if you could part the Red Sea, and I know that you did, then I know that you could stop this rain and turn the sky blue.”

Then the WOULD GOD DO IT FOR ME? devil got in the car again (maybe he never got out) and said, “Well, sure he could turn the sky blue and stop the rain, but why should He do that for you? Who are you?” AndI thought, “That’s right, who am I to ask God for something like this?” Then another thought came into my mind ... “Who am I? I’m God’s girl—I’m a child of God and because I am God’s girl, the Bible says I can ask for whatever I want, and it will be done!” (Matthew 21:22).

So very simply WOULD GOD DO IT FOR ME? I said, “God, you know I can’t see well enough to get through this rain, so would you please stop the rain and make the sky blue?” God’s word says to trust Him, and that’s all I did, but believe it or not, within 30 seconds the rain stopped, and within one minute the sky was blue and I drove all the way to Lafayette on dry highways and under blue skies. When I arrived at the university they asked me if I had noticed the tremendous change in the weather, and I related the story to WOULD GOD DO IT FOR ME? them.

As I have retold this story in the area where it happened, I have always said, “Maybe you won’t believe that God would be willing to do this for me, but I believe He loves me enough to do this for me, just like He loves you enough to do it for you, if you will only ask!” And in each service someone has come up to the microphone to tell the audience that they vividly remember the rain stopping and the sun coming out so suddenly on this particular Thursday. I think it’s fabulous WOULD GOD DO IT FOR ME? how God always lets someone else see the miracles, too!

This story thrills me so much because it brings to mind the fact that God is still in the miracle-making business today just as He was when He stopped the sun, moon and stars for about 24 hours because of the prayer of one man. Joshua wasn’t afraid to ask for the glory of God, so let’s all start asking more!

In the same book, It’s So Simple, Frances shares another weather story, but so different that it expresses God’s versatility inmiracles.